How LO works in the EU

It is a core task for LO to ensure a strong voice for Danish workers in the European decision-making process. LO therefore works to influence the future development of the EU. Our efforts aim towards giving the trade union movement a greater say when decisions are made in Brussels.

LO’s Department for Labour Law, Health and Safety and International Affairs monitors the legislative work in the European Institutions and the general development in EU-policy. LO monitors the work in the EU-institutions on a continuous basis and on a case-to-case basis, we analyse the potential consequences of legislative proposals for Danish workers. In addition to this, it is an important task for LO to interpret the EU-directives and adapt them to Danish conditions. As a main rule, this happens through the agreement-based Danish labour market system.

LO’s lobbying is primarily directed towards the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Economic and Social Committee and, not least, the Danish government. Furthermore, LO is strongly dedicated to its participation in the ETUC (The European Trade Union Confederation), an umbrella organisation for 60 million European workers.


The Danish Trade Union Office

In order for LO to look after its interests, it must stay as close as possible to the EU’s decision making processes. LO has therefore, in cooperation with the two other central organisations, FTF and AC, established an office in Brussels – the Danish Trade Union Office. This office is located in the International Trade Union House in Brussels.

Address: The Danish Trade Union Office, Bld. du Roi Albert II, 5, B-1210 Bruxelles

Head of Office: Dorthe Andersen. E-mail: Phone: + 324 77 77 83 53

web site:


The Transparency Register

LO supports initiatives that ensure the greatest possible openness surrounding the interests of companies, lobbyists and organisations towards the EU’s institutions. LO is therefore also registered in the EU Commission’s voluntary Transparency Register.