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New name after the merger: FH – The Danish Trade Union Confederation!

More than 80 affiliated unions and a total of 1.4 million workers are now gathered under one name and logo as of 1 January 2019. In the Spring, LO and FTF decided to merge as of the new year, and today, the General Council decided on the new organisation’s logo and name : FH- The Danish Trade Union Confederation.

LO-President’s message to Macron: No flexicurity without security

Last week, the French President, Emmanuel Macron, paid a two-day state visit to Denmark. Since his election, Macron has shown great interest in the Danish flexicurity model. Meanwhile, the Danish trade union movement maintains that the model doesn’t work if you take the security out of flexicurity.

Flight Personnel Union starts trade union in Romania

After years of trying to organise Romanian workers after they arrive in Denmark, we have finally taken a more proactive approach: To organise and help build a trade union in Romania, says Vice President, Anders Mark Jensen, from The Flight Personnel Union in Denmark.

Brexit risks rolling back hard-won workers’ rights

Maintaining workers’ rights should be a requirement for a Brexit deal – not just for the sake of British workers. A race to the bottom will affect European and Danish workers too. This is the message from TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady.

LO’s economic forecast: jobs for everyone within reach

LO expects that the economy will continue to expand in the coming years with a growing labour demand and growing private consumption. The assessment is that the Danish economy and labour market are in good shape. “These positive circumstances should be used to ensure jobs for everyone”, says LO’s Chief Economist, Allan Lyngsø Madsen.

Promising new agreement on the platform economy

The Danish government and three political parties have concluded an agreement on the framework for the platform economy in Denmark. -The right steps are now being taken towards automatic reporting to the Danish tax authorities and more funds for tax control, says LO’s Vice-President, Nanna Højlund.

Economic Council report confirms LO’s assessment: The economy is in balance

The Danish Economic Council has published its spring report on the Danish economy. The report shows an economy with balanced growth where rising employment is counterbalanced by an increase in the workforce. There are thus no signs that the Danish economy is going to overheat – something which LO has pointed out on a number of occasions.