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Flight Personnel Union meets with Ryanair

On Thursday, Ryanair paid the FPU a visit for an initial meeting. Since Ryanair decided to recognize unions at the European level in December, the company is starting to open up to the possibility of a collective agreement for pilots and cabin crew in Denmark.

EU-Commissioner Vestager: the Danish model is not under threat

The Danish trade union confederations hosted a conference with the participation of EU Commissioner, Margrethe Vestager, and with the focus on the Pillar of Social Rights. The Commissioner repeatedly underlined that the Pillar of Social Rights does not affect the Danish labour market model.

Danish workers: we don’t fear the robots

According to LO’s new and extensive globalisation survey, Danish workers are technology enthusiasts and highly aware that robots and digitization will require more training and education in the future.

Budget-turmoil continues

Budget 2018: The turmoil over next year’s budget continues as the Danish People’s Party says it will only support the budget if a deal on tighter rules on residency for refugees is made before New Year. The proposed budget includes cuts to health and safety as well as education.

Qatar abandons forced labour after years of pressure

Following years of pressure, Qatar has finally decided enter into an agreement with the ILO to abolish slave-like conditions for migrant workers. The construction work for the FIFA World Cup in 2022 has previously been exposed for its appalling and life-threatening conditions for migrant workers and its high death toll

Equality at home and at work: Barbershop Conference in Copenhagen

Better decisions and higher employee morale are only a few of the benefits to be reaped by targeted efforts to promote gender equality. These and many other aspects of gender equality work were discussed during Thursday’s Barbershop hosted by The Nordic Council of Ministers and UN Women.